Our training will help you understand the purpose of security - which is to Observe, Report, and Defend - when necessary.

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Thank you for taking time and effort to integrate the use of the Guardian8 ProV2  System in helping reduce violence. 

Violence and behavioral health issues, which affect all areas of our lives today—workplace and even our places of worship — are at epidemic levels.  

Our training will help you understand the purpose of security; which is to Observe, Report, and Defend—when necessary. Sworn officers enforce and apprehend perpetrators. 

This training will acquaint you with the Non-Lethal Enhanced  ProV2  System to aid you as a security personnel.  Every individual needs to check on their state requirements to be a security officer, use of O.C. spray, and audio and video recordings.  It is a felony to use O.C. spray without cause.  The following education will inform you about the OODA effect and help you prepare and defend from aggressive behavior. 

Suggested readings include:

1.       The Cady White Paper

2.      The OODA  Loop  from Wikipedia

3.      The book, The Art of Profiling: Reading People Right the First Time by Dan Koran

4.      What Every Body is Saying by Jon Navarro


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