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In today’s fast changing work environment, continuing education often holds a key to career advancement for many professionals. Education Over the Net (EON!) provides valuable support to these professionals and the associations that serve them by bringing the continuing education courses when and where works best for them. Using the latest digital audio and video technologies, EON! makes taking continuing education courses easier and more accessible to everyone. EON! provides full technical support, so your organization can continue to do what it does best: DEVELOPING TOP-NOTCH EDUCATIONAL SEMINARS!

Our Continuing Education Service has reached many types of professionals in all 50 states and overseas. We believe the venture we started in 1999 has dramatically changed the way continuing education is delivered in the 21st century.


EON! transforms your traditional text, audio, and video educational materials into a dynamic, co-branded, online learning experiences with interactive features. We provide a turnkey solution that covers the entire end to end educational process (CE/CLE included) from purchase, to streaming, to testing, to certification, to make your life easy! Our platform delivers HD quality media (both on-demand and live streaming) to any platform (PC, MAC, Mobile, IOS) in an intuitive, fun to use way, that keeps users coming back again and again.


We blend the best of technology to provide a rock solid solution that you can count on. Using “always on” cloud based enterprise level computing, coupled with our extensive real world application development knowledge, our solutions are there when you need them. Even if “need them” happens to be 3:00 AM.


Mutuality or interdependence refers to our strong commitment to grow together with your organization. This philosophy is based upon our belief that our relationship with our partners must mutually benefit us. EON! is a full service provider, and as your organization grows, EON! will grow with you.


Our technical support staff and our help desk is available 24/7. When we say 24/7, we mean 24/7. In fact, we respond to all calls (and have most issues resolved) within 10 minutes from the original time of the call (weekends and holidays, too)! That means you sleep well at night knowing we are on watch. Go ahead, call us and see if we pick up 1.800.590.6867


  • Cloud Based Computing
  • Reliable Enterprise Storage
  • Multi-Bitrate Streaming
  • Proven Microsoft Development
  • Truely Cross Platform
  • Always On


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